Sitting In An Automobile With Ronda Rousey And Riding On A Bus

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File:Ronda Rousey (4).JPG Source: Wikimedia Commons

I am not sure if this is one or two dreams from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream or these two dreams from last night is that I remember sitting in the back seat of an automobile (maybe a van or sport utility vehicle or truck) on the right side during the day.

The automobile was illegally parked next to the walkway of the shopping center near W Park in the city of D, and we were parked between where JCPenney and Dollar General should be.

In the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat were two men with light-color skin who were probably fans of mixed martial arts, they were probably talking about mixed martial arts and things like that, and they were probably dressed like how some mixed martial arts fans dress (wearing Tapout (clothing brand)-like clothing and hats and maybe…

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~Dream Book~Super Immortals~

Bipolar Tapestry~Poetic Thoughts

There is this book of dreams serendipitous it seems~

As I stumbled across this man holding it in his hand only by request~
This book of dreams was a lifetime collection of this man and his art even more to beseech his most fascinating heart~

Unique and intriguing temtping as it would seem I asked kindly if I could take a look……see the book something very few could look, they couldn’t understand….. the amazing beauty that comes forth from this amazing artist hand~

The precision and adaptation of life upon the paper, jumping off each page some characters are peaceful others filled with rage~

The shadows of its frames, Touched by Devils and demons below~

Watching for heroes their lifetime foe~

Leaping from this artist mind to pen, Immortal it never will end~

Unleashing each from hidden cages and corners of the earth~

To think this man dreamed them up…

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Zombie Babies?

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File:Guido Reni - Massacre of the Innocents detail3 - Pinacoteca Nazionale Bologna.jpg Source: Wikimedia Commons

Yet again I woke up during the night thinking about my dreams without voice recording them, and I accidentally went back to sleep so now I have forgotten some of my dreams and some of the important details from the dream or dreams that I do remember.

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is part of the second dream, which was a repeating dream, or not so I will type it as its own dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved either the actress Eva Green or Eva Green acting as one of her characters or a woman who reminded me of Eva Green and / or one of her characters, but I am not sure which is correct.

So I am going to make the wild assumption that it was Eva Green acting as one…

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Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘You know, you smile when you’re asleep

and, you never seem as happy when you’re awake,’

she noted as he finished brushing his teeth. ‘You obviously

don’t have to tell me but, what are you dreaming of when you

separate from this reality?’ Walking towards the nightstand, he

grabbed a photo of his parents and handed it. ‘I imagine what

it would’ve been like if you ever got a chance to meet them.

I imagine what it would’ve been like if they ever got

a chance to meet their grandchildren.’

Photography by Kent MacDonald

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Dreaming awake…


I seriously hate having dreams. When I don’t dream, I have a good night’s sleep. When I wake up remembering a dream, I feel completely drained. Why in the world have I been dreaming so much these past few months? Has me frustrated as all hell. Feeling lethargic seems normal now. And that’s not me. I have my occasional days, maybe a week of feeling blah but it’s not the norm. My body isn’t very happy lately. My mind, still runs but I can’t seem to stay entirely focused 😥

My dreams have been so random that I kinda gave up on what the universe is trying to tell me. Attempting to try to make sense of it all is exhausting. It’s nice to not have to think. I had to re-subscribe to Netflix. I need a freaken outlet from this chaotic brain of mine every now and then. Netflix…

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This Dream

Max Meunier

i awaken
to words of kindness

from friends
and strangers alike

but there is nothing
strange about this pain
that we share

this bridge
we have all built

through the sorrows
of our time

grants us more
than a fleeting respite

as we gain
the understanding
that none are alone

that every struggle
affects us all

that our face is seen
our voice is heard
our truths, known

it is only in togetherness
do we stand
to court the hand
that bears the gift
of the morrow’s ingress

know, my friends
there are no strangers
among us

let us walk bravely
into vales
of unknown consequence

for love
shall harbor no secret

when its light
has finally shone

to guide us home

so it is, was
and shall ever be

this dream
e’er haunts humanity

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love bites that dance in the dark

A Writer's Soul

I do not want to know your dreams, nor who you are outside these four walls,
All I need is your moans in my ears, love bites dancing along my hips,
Your fingers caresses the most intimate part of my body,
Waiting for a touch of magic to send me over the edge.

So take me deep and pull my hair hard,
And I will arch and scream in a way only a lover could,
Not knowing our lives outside this moment.
Take me down, mouth on me and teeth biting hard,
Little love marks that seem to dance in the dark.
Let me know there is no other but you that will make be squirm this way,
And on my knees I will open wide for you,
Ready to take in your taboo and sin, cock and all.

Sex with a stranger is thrilling and unsettling,
With just the…

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Star Fish

Pause, breathe, write...


So ready for your dreams and sweetness…share with me what is inside of your head…what is flowing? You possess innate knowing and I feel it…Looking towards the stars and Eye see you, coming out to shine. The secrets you share will be yours and mine, thank you for trusting me to keep them. I love the twinkle behind your magical eyes; you truly are an ethereal prize, to be treasured and loved. Pisces, the sign that is always between two worlds…the artist who will never even begin to explain their work, because it is deeper than them. An abyss of wonder, magic and many lifetimes…genuine old souls with beautiful spirits; Star Fish.

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