Grand Dreams: Dreamwork by the Author of Grand Trines

Chances are that you found your way here from an astrology blog called “Grand Trines.”  If so, welcome.  If not, welcome.

The first dream is called “Rebuilding the Altar.”  It was a dream consequent to a long nap.

The dream was simple.  I was in an old apartment from long ago, one that I actually lived in at one time.  (In real life, that apartment was razed, or destroyed, to make way for newer construction.)  It had been hand built, and it had exposed beams in what some call a “cathedral ceiling.”

In it, I found it necessary to clear a surface that had become cluttered.  After clearing the clutter, I began to organize the items, keeping some and discarding others.  And, as I did this, I came to realize that I was building an altar at which my dreams could be manifested into reality.

15 thoughts on “Grand Dreams: Dreamwork by the Author of Grand Trines

  1. I woke up just before dawn this morning, and I just remember that in my dream i was asking a lady who was in control of where i was, that i needed a horse, and how can i call for one, and she said all our horses have one name, you just have to go east and wait there for one.


    • That is a powerful set of metaphors. I am about to post two more that I had this afternoon. Although I do not have any particular “purpose” for this blog, it occurs to me that this could become a source of powerful images for purposes of writing stories.

      Any idea why all the horses had the one name?


  2. I actually started writing my dreams down in a note book since you told me that it could be a good idea to do that…

    No idea why all the horses had only one name, but for some reason i felt that there might be a great power coming to the feminine part of this world… That female figure was in control…

    I don’t know what the East meant in that dream..


    • I believe that dreams have the most meaning for the dreamer, most of the time. But, sometimes, they have universal symbols (Carl Jung’s “archetypes”) or are meant for others. I have certainly received messages for others.

      Sometimes the East is a symbol of beginnings, especially new beginnings.


  3. You see, i already planned to go to London for my study, written my proposal, then it was mum’s condition, so i had to postpone the whole study idea… but yeah i am at this point in my life where i feel that i am opening up to receive… so i hope good things come my way!


    • I would have to look at your chart (I am up late just checking in without much detail work as I write this) to work on nuances. The simple answer is “yes.”

      When I was a younger astrologer, I did not think eclipses had much of an effect. Then, later, I could see that certain turning points happened in my life on or near eclipse dates. So, tentatively, my answer is “yes.” To be more specific, I would have to see what houses the eclipse affected. And, too, remember that the second one is coming. (They come in pairs.)


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