Drug Dealers and Teddy Bears

Had two this afternoon, both a bit disturbing.  In both of them I was watching something.  The first was a television show I was watching; the second was a movie.

The first was about a college student (early 20’s) who becomes involved with an “older” (late 20’s) black woman.  The woman was a middle class clerical employee by day and small time drug dealer by night.  The woman provides the kid with drugs, and they “party together” initially.  Then, the woman’s dealer, part of a dangerous gang, effectively enslaves the kid.  (The kid was not smart enough to know that drugs are tied to organized crime.  This appears to be a warning dream.  Since I do not have these issues in my life, I assume it is a warning dream for someone else.  Either that, or an idea for network television production.)

The second was a movie, a complex multi-generational tear jerker about a wealthy family who loses everything due to mis-management.  As I kept watching this, I would periodically shout out a comment, something like “watch out for that guy” or “don’t do that.”  The audience became increasingly annoyed, of course.

In the end, the last scene, a woman was holding a flourescent teddy bear, flourescent yellow, I think.  She was near a river, and their few remaining possession, mostly sticks of furniture, were floating down the river.  The bear had never fit into all the old classic antiques, and maybe it was why it was the woman’s most cherished possession.  But, in the final scene, she finally let go of even that.  She left go of the dirty and bedraggled bear, left with nothing.

I am not certain what this second dream means, either.  Again, it looks like a movie plot.  But, maybe it has meaning to someone else out there.  Anyone have such a bear?