Filtering through the Papers

I had a dream that I was in a basement looking for papers in a stream of papers that had been contaminated by sewage.  I was wearing all the gear (including gloves, of course) to protect me.  But, it was an unpleasant experience.

Later in the day, I developed some digestive upset.  The dream preceded the illness.  Cause and effect are difficult to decide here.  Did the dream cause the illness, or did it merely predict it?  Whatever the case, the dream was what economists describe as a “leading indicator.”


2 thoughts on “Filtering through the Papers

  1. how amazing, sometimes it happens with me in a similar way where for example i hear the phone ringing as part of the dream, and it’s actually ringing in reality…


    • Yep. That’s exactly what happened here. I thought something else would emerge, but this was clearly about the digestive upset.


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