Mustang Fastback (Couple O’Drawers)

Dreamed I was in a small parking lot outside a small strip mall with maybe 5 or 6 shops in it.  Was talking to another individual, a male, when a third individual, also male, came outside of one of the shops.  We were discussing automobiles (mid 1960’s to mid 1970’s muscle cars) and the third got into his car, a late model Mustang Fastback designed to look like the 1969 Fastback.  This car was gun metal blue, and it had been “tricked out” to have a magenta light show up an exhaust stream that had a small amount of steam added to it.  All of this was encased in lucite or something similar and visible from the outside (sides?).  However, the car had no visible emissions past the end of the tailpipes.

For some reason, we got in the car with the third guy (who looked like Jeremy Sisto).  He was trying to not say much, but he shortly pulled up at his place of employment, another small shop.  This shop was called “Couple O’Drawers.”  So, we asked, “what do you do?”  He told us that he cleaned out drawers.  Apparently, he had a business cleaning out drawers from old furniture purchased at auctions (typically unclaimed storage units) and looking for lost treasure.

(Woke up.)