This strange dream seemed to be through someone else’s eyes, and levels of reality were intermingled.  Not sure of place, but apparently at a lakehouse, and (for some unknown reason) it seemed to be set in the midwest.

Dreamed I was in an old lakehouse watching late night television.  The lake house was built some time in the 1930’s to 1950’s, and used quite a bit of redwood.  I was in a second story room that connected to a large redwood deck outside.  On the television was a movie named “Waffles.”  Waffles was a teen drama in the same vein as the “Breakfast Club,” “Pretty in Pink,” and similar movies.

In “Waffles,” I became the lead character, a high school basketball player.  Not unusually tall, I was up for a college scholarship at Purdue because I was a skilled shooter.  The head cheerleader, a girl who liked to wear red, was my “girlfriend” (or so I thought).  At one point in the movie I followed her into the woods and found an odd site.  I’m not sure, but I think she had buried a body using a backhoe!

Said girlfriend had an inordinate amount of power for a teenaged girl.  (Think of the Fab Five.)  I had a number of “affairs” in the movie.  Somehow, as a teenaged boy, I thought this was great until I discovered that my “girlfriend” and her friends were “passing me around.”  And, they were also doing this to sabotage my chance at a scholarship.  If they could leave me in a dead end job in town (auto mechanic?) while they went to college, then they would have “kept [him] in [his] place.”

At this point, in the dream, I jumped back out of the movie and into “real life” (still in the dream, in the lake house).  My father had come home drunk, and wearing dark prescription sunglasses.  I was about to let him wander into the lake thinking “he deserves this” when I realized that I couldn’t let me father drown.  Woke up.

In real life (NOT in the dream), my father does not drink and he does not stay out til 2 am.  All of this, in so many ways, seems like I was seeing through someone else’s eyes….