Autumn Leaves


The hardest part of loving someone is having to face the possibility of a life without them. Sometimes I think it’s better to live alone, never letting anyone get closer. You’ll live a peaceful, calm life. Some say it might be hollow, but what do they know. You’ll have your little joys and small adventures. You’ll depend entirely on you.

You won’t learn what it is to try to find your lover feet under the covers on a cold night. You won’t enjoy the quiet resting of your head on someone’s shoulder after an exhausting day.

You won’t know the exciting joy that a three-letter word – Mum – pronounced by a small child can give. You won’t hold your child’s hands on yours wishing that she would never let go.

You won’t lie awake and think of what might happen to the people you love. You won’t want to…

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Essence of the Night


Essence of the night
flows with her dreams,
gaze she does
toward the moon and stars
wondering if her fantasy
would ever come to be,
as she lays reading about romance
that she wishes would fill her heart
and soul with gently caress,
longing for strong hands
to roam her voluptuous body
fingers brushing through her hair
as lips press against hers,
giving her a slight chill and tingling sensation
knowing she’s alive
as well wanted by one
with the same desires and passions
that drives them both into a sexual frenzy
as she continues to gaze
out her window wondering if one exists out there
to fulfill her dreams and hopes of romance.5cf1c598e4a27ecac2b8fceqm5731

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Why You Should Have Sex Every Day

Petite Girls Guide

7 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Every Single Day

​1. It could lower his risk of prostate cancer. According to a study from Harvard Medical School, men who ejaculated more often reduced their risk of developing prostate cancer by 22 percent. Researchers still don’t know why that is, but hey, if you needed one more reason to hit that tonight, having your guy avoid getting cancer is a pretty solid one.
2. Your chance of getting a cold goes way, way down. Researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that people who had sex at least twice a week released more antigens like immunoglobulin A, which helps fight off colds and the flu, so just think of how healthy you’d be if you had sex all seven days. You’d be basically immortal is what I’m trying to say.

3. It keeps you looking super young and confident. In…

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Every night


Every night I tell myself tonight is the night I will sleep sooner.
Every night I get into bed and onto my phone.
Every night I socialise. Gossip and giggle.
Every night I stay up too late.
Every night I repeat the same moves again.

Every morning I regret it again.

Micaiah’s xoxo

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Twin Flame : Birth Chart Compatibility

True Love in a Broken World

I don’t care what anyone says about this topic – if you suspect you are dating your twin flame or if you have any interest in pursuing a long term relationship with someone you MUST run a birthchart compatibility check on them.  Some people may think this is a little obsessive or that astrology is not an accurate science – DON’T LISTEN TO THEM. Trust me, this will save you a LOT of grief.  Cafe astrology’s birth chart/natal chart gives you a lot of data and explanation as to why your relationship will work or why it will not.  Make sure you go to the “compatibility for lovers” link to compare your birthchart with your significant other’s.  Even if you don’t think you are dating your twin flame, you MUST check their birthchart!!!! Here is an example of a birthchart of two people who do NOT belong together (no, this…

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