dream sequence [part two].

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The second of my two recurring dreams began when I was 21, after college graduation. It has never left me.

Sometimes it starts in the halls of my high school. Sometimes it’s in my college dorm. Location varies between those two, but the theme is the same. No, it’s not nudity! In the high school version, I stand at my locker and I can’t remember the combination. I think I know it and I try and try, but nothing. In the college version, I’m outside the door to my dorm room. I’ve lost my key. I search every pocket and every crevice of my bag, but I don’t have the key.

I cannot get in…

… to my locker… or my dorm room… or my past.

locked out.

The locker and the dorm room must symbolize my younger years. I want to go back to being a teenager… a young 20-something…

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