5 ways to overcome morning tiredness


FIGHTING morning grogginess is a daily battle, but these 5 tips will help you banish all sleepy feelings.

1. Work out
Working out doesn’t always have to be strenuous.   A simple 10 minutes of yoga in the morning is enough to clear the mind and eliminate tiredness.

2. Have a shower
Showering in the morning is a sure-fire way of getting you energised, it helps reduce stress and gets you ready to start the day.   If you don’t have time for a shower, splashing cold water on your face can provide a quick fix.

3. Ditch your coffee for a green tea
As well as giving you a much-needed caffeine boost, green tea helps improve cognitive ability and memory.   Drinking a cup in the morning is a great way of kicking your brain into action.

4. Music
Blaring out some music in the morning while having a…

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