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Jac’s Dream Board: A How-to-Guide

IMG_9078A Dream Board is used for enacting The Law of Attraction to promote the manifestation of all your hopes and wishes. Who doesn’t want all their dreams to come true, right?! After doing research on the topic of Dream Boards and reading the success stories, I came to the conclusion that the only way to fully realize the hype behind creating a Dream Board was to create one of my own. So that is exactly what I did!

Armed with my crafting scissors, colored Sharpies, a glue stick, and about ten different magazines, I began cutting, coloring, gluing and collaging. About four hours later, my hands sticky with glue residue and covered with Sharpie marks, I had finally finished my masterpiece. In front of me lay all my dreams, pasted onto a piece of cardboard I cheaply stole from the backing of an IKEA photograph.

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