Sweet dreams


Hey! As promised, I will blog about dreams today(or tonight, since it’s later than it should be, oops.) Dreams are funny things, or scary things or happy or sad things. Maybe you don’t even remember your dreams. I know I don’t a lot of the time. Does that mean you didn’t sleep well? I’ve heard that. Since apparently you have to be in a really deep sleep to dream. I’ve also heard that you always dream even if you forget it by the morning(or whenever you wake up.)

Who’s had that almost asleep feeling and then you get startled and you wake up? I have. It’s not a joyous feeling, is it? It’s like a jolt, basically. What are some popular things to dream of? Falling or being chased is the first thing that popped into my head, just then. I’m not sure about the falling one, but I’ve had…

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