Corn Patch Memories

A Really Small Farm

Summer is a memory now. The corn which grew so luxuriously in July is harvested and the stalks chopped and fed to the sheep. The corn patches are idle until next year. Now it is time to enjoy the harvest through the colder months ahead with corn bread (on the menu again tonight and made from Dakota Ivory), hominy, and corn and bean soups.

This year’s harvest of dry corn was good. I planted about 2,200 square feet of corn in three different patches. The kernels were placed one or two at a time in the furrows and then covered with soil. Later, after the corn had sprouted, I added rotted manure and hay between the rows keep the soil mulched and hold back the weeds. But the weeds did sprout in the corn rows. Every day I would walk down a row and pull the white campion and pigweed…

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