Part Sixteen: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings

Horus, the Astro-Palmist


This post is part of a series which discusses the nature and truth about Djinns (Jinnat), the supernatural beings. ‘Djinns’ (Jinnat), is a broad category. Part one should be studied to know about the possible types of Djinns.

In previous posts we discussed that in order to understand ‘Djinns’, we need to understand three terms. These terms have been explained in Part One & Two. Part Three discussed the dwellings of the Djinns. Part Four discussed the Food of the Djinns. Part Five discussed the social structure and general things. Part Six discussed the strongest type of Djinns, called Reptilian Aliens. Part Seven & Eight discussed what makes Humans special. Part Nine discussed how Reptilian Aliens seduce Humans. Part Ten, Eleven Twelve & Thirteen discussed ‘Reptilian Alien’s’ technique of disruption. Part Fourteen & Fifteen discussed the ‘Reptilian Alien’s technique of distraction. The present post will discuss the ‘Reptilian…

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