‘The amount of sleep required by the average person is five minutes more.’ Wilson Mizener.

Sally says . . . eat, sleep, work, read, play, draw, bark . . .


Maudie’s got the ‘Yip Yips’.  She’s fast asleep and dreaming . . .

I love to watch my dogs sleep. Especially in the evenings, when they’re all fat and fed and warm and content.

They’ve had their mad half hour when I first get home from work when they fling themselves crazily around the house, running from room to room, jumping on the bed, off the bed, over the couch, under the couch, barking and giggling and jostling each other up and down the hallway, until they finally stop, panting and wriggling and waiting for me to catch up and give them a pat.

sniffing dogThey’ve had their walk around the park, sniffed every blade of grass, woofed at every other dog, had pats from all their fishermen friends and, if very lucky (me less so), found something really juicy and stinky to roll in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey’ve lined themselves up in the kitchen and waited…

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