Leda's Virtual Journal

Today is the eleventh day of November (11-11), make a wish.

Well, I really don’t know the reason behind the ‘make a wish at 11:11’ thing. But they say this is the time of day when one should make a wish while looking at the clock.

Time check: 3:05 pm. But today is 11/11 of 2015, so it’s still double 11. Haha! We can make a wish the whole day! I see nothing wrong with that and who knows your wish might come true. Just be careful.

If you truly believe it will happen, it will. Ask, believe, receive. 🙂

So, what’s your wish? Me, I have a lot. Okay, one is the love life. Ssshh! Haha! 😛

I always pray for him, my Mr. Right, whoever you are I’m just here patiently waiting. If you can’t find me, I’ll find you. Or maybe we should just meet…

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