A hot little spell for the Scorpio New Moon…..

The Evergreen Diary

We have a lovely new moon in Scorpio today,and for me personally this new moon is much needed as I need a boost to my vital energy. The new moon, which will be full on the 25th November (this means we will have a full moon on Christmas Day) is popularly known across various traditions as The Tree Moon, The Snow Moon, The Dark Moon, The Hunters Moon and The Beaver Moon. Nearly all the names tie back to the need for hunting as the colder days and long, dark nights draw in and the fresh supplies from the Harvest would have needed to be supplemented with fresh meat.

A new moon always bring the opportunity to recharge your energy and set your intentions for the coming few weeks, with those intentions growing stronger each day – and hopefully turning into actions – as the moon grows bigger. A new…

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