I Am Nameless ~ I Am Eternal LIGHT~5th Dimensional Consciousness

The New Divine Humanity


The Words you BELIEVE you are reading here, ARE NOT what is here.
You have created your own world of Beliefs and meanings that are unique to your Frequency.
What you believe you see and read, is ONLY what you are experiencing.

I Have NO name in the Higher Frequencies of Being and Divine Light.

These Higher Frequencies of Light may beGIVEN Attributes or Virtues, associated with this pure Being. Words simply point to the experience of”Being” the Pureness of Light in its original State.

Even the name and words I AM is a construct that used to referto the experience of the Divine Presence of All That is ~ that has no name. I just AM. I AM Being, I AM everything, yet those words are just leading you to the experience of this. YOU cannot know something unless you experience it. And it is…

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