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All I wanted to know was, why don’t you want this forever. I’d like for once to understand why you would not want this always. You were always perfect in my eyes. Was my thinking so irrational. Maybe I never saved you. Maybe all of this was just a fantasy in my head. Were we a perfect couple or were we constantly tossing and turning looking for that perfect balance. Is this our reality or just my dream.

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Just Because One is Older Doesn’t Mean … to Quit Dreaming, Wishing and Hoping

Colors of My Life

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I woke up to the thoughts that because I am older … should I forget my dreams, wishes, hopes?

Should I just lay down, die as soon as possible because there’s no room for an older person’s dreams, wishes, hopes.

Am I too old to accomplish anything in the rest of my life?  Should I sit like a piece of furniture without thoughts until I take my last breath?

I sat, thought about this.  Hell no!  I’m not letting go of any of my dreams, hopes, wishes.  Even if they don’t come true … they drive me to be the best I can be while I live each day of my life … to the end.

Maybe … there will be one or two people to remember me, think that I was a good person while I lived.  Better yet, somehow touching their life…

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