Lucid dreamers, better problem solvers

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Researchers at the University of Lincoln took an interest in what they call “lucid dreamers”, those who actually know they are dreaming while the dreams play out.

In the first empirical study on the subject, they found such people to exhibit better problem solving abilities in their day-to-day lives.

Lucid dreaming is not a new concept, although it sparked interest upon the release of the 2010 film Inception, in which dreamers were able to discern incongruities in the scenario of their dreams. The film suggested that such an ability indicates superior levels of insight, with dreamers realising they are not in reality because things don’t make sense.

“It is believed that for dreamers to become lucid while asleep, they must see past the overwhelming reality of their dream state, and recognise that they are dreaming,” says Dr Patrick Bourke, senior lecturer at the Lincoln School of Psychology. “The same…

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