#OYEEZYVIBES: The Inspirational Movement |The Immortality Of Dreams After Death.

oyeezy forever

Fall of 2013 seems so far ago, and it was such a lonely and hopeless time. It was my freshmen year of college and I was supposed to be in New York City and have been discovered already by someone who could make me rich. I was supposed to be making new college friends that’ll change my life forever. I was supposed to be feeling like something was happening, but I felt nothing, and nothing was happening. The only positive thing about my freshmen semester at community college was my Intro to Theatre class, it was my fresh of breath air every week. IMG_3410As weeks went by, I couldn’t believe I still hadn’t made any friends. With a 3 hour gap between classes I would just sit alone and write in my journal wandering what my life would be like if I wasn’t at this school, and if I would’ve had…

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