Dreaming During the Day

Amy's Weird and Wonderful Dreams

I have a condition that renders me out for a while on some days.  A large amount of pain in my joints will cause muscle spasms and then when I take my pain meds, I fall asleep.  This makes me able to dream when I fall asleep from it.  The bad news is it can severely hamper my ability to type, so I am looking for a free program with accurate transcription for these times.

I did have a few dreams while I slept today.  The last one I had today was about people who mistrusted each other over some sort of deal they were making.  It involved a man and a woman talking over a telephone.  The woman was shocked by the man’s statements.  I don’t remember much else about this dream since I was distracted when I awoke.

Another dream I had involved driving from place to place…

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