Dream About Thundercats

Amy's Weird and Wonderful Dreams

Since I haven’t been able to remember my dreams both Monday and today, I am going to post an old dream that I remember.  It’s from this year, but I only watched the show it had to do with until I got old enough to realize that it’s more child directed theme no longer was very entertaining.  This was back in the 80s through 90s as I watched it while I was a kid until they took the reruns off the air in the 90s and I was a teenager.

You see, back then I was being bullied a lot so even as a teen I would watch Thundercats* to feel a part of some sort of group.  Despite a certain religious show’s disapproval, I kept watching it because I was more interested in the code represented than any type of magic shown.  besides, some of the first season’s episodes…

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