Nurse Kelly



I know the streets are dirty. I know there is rejection.

“These are the moments, this is the day.”

But your other self says no.

It summed up your commitment and it’s not holding you to it.

So you apologize to yourself.

And when you finally got around to looking directly at them, they disappeared.

They blew into the sewer – lost, maybe forever.

But you know they still exist.


Somewhere between the distractions, impulses, procrastination, and doubt.

Let’s see if we can find them.


Step off the curb, get in, and move over.

Quit sucking on the web.

Put on the flak jacket

And drive the armored car.

Push it. Feel it. Face it.

Make your dreams chase YOU.

Get strong.

Get real.

Yes, it’s going to get real.

They will never stop growling in your ear.

They will never stop gnawing at your neck.

They will always bite…

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