Dream Four

Nashville Dreamer

I found The Alphabet on Creative Bloq and was absolutely blown away. Typography has always been something that caught my attention, especially when it comes to calligraphy. The further along in my schooling I got, the deeper in love with type I fell. Typography isn’t an easy thing to work with because every typeface differs from the next. It takes a lot of practice and patience, but can create the most stunning piece. The Alphabet really grabbed my attention because it uses a different typeface for every letter, but it merges them together so smoothly that some of them look as it they are the same typeface as the one prior. This video did a great job showing the difference between each typeface in a smooth and clear way. I’m very impressed with the video and the creators, N9VE. You can check out more of their videos here:

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She Dreamt She Was Alone in an Empty Field

Author S. K. Nicholas


My body is a mess of semi-erotic fantasies, and editing words shame me for being so naive. All those memories put between the pages of a book; it’s an honor to remember the past, and yet it only emphasizes how weak I am. In my head, I’m forever. On paper, I lack magic in every area. Drinking to numb the disappointment, I light a cigarette and stare at the wall opposite my desk. I stay like this for the best part of an hour. There’s nothing else to be done other than to contemplate my failures with silent despair until the wine kicks in and my head begins to sway. So many pieces written showing nothing other than a lack of ability. So many thoughts best left to wither and die like so many before them. Leaning back in my chair, I think of the girl who was flirting with…

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Growth — A Dream

Nightjars & Damselflies

Ocean’s of green grass, lush and spreading, rolling. Breath of wind stirs each green blade to whispering. Vast blue sky expands, cloudless, pouring sunlight. And at the center of all, the Tree. It exceeds imagination, defies possibility. Massive trunk a smooth patchwork of ivory and pale green-edged grays. Sinuous, leafless limbs support the sky, arch outward and beckon Spring. Its spread is easily hundreds of feet in all directions, reaching beyond the stone wall once intended to contain it. The wall tumbles on its course, following the contours of spilling land, but it no longer has purpose. The Tree has grown beyond all boundaries.

Huge Tree.jpg

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Dream (2/29): Mom Sings Joy Division in the Mall Parking Lot

H. A. Eugene

I can’t remember this dream in its entirety. Clusters of images, ideas, and feelings comprised the parts leading up to what I do remember, which is me, waiting at the mall for my mother to pick me.

I have a 45 record and a folder of very important documents in my backpack.


(Source: Richard Harris CC)

My mom turns on the stereo in the car. “Transmission” by Joy Division comes on. To my surprise, she starts singing along:

Listen to the silence, let it ring on
Eyes, dark grey lenses frightened of the sun
We would have a fine time living in the night
Left to blind destruction, waiting for our sight

We would go on as though nothing was wrong
Hide from these days, we remained all alone
Staying in the same place, just staying out the time
Touching from a distance, further all the time


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Ever Talk Yourself Out Of A Dream?

Christie Bakeman Blog

all in your head

Have you ever come up with an idea or a goal that you were really excited about only to give up on it a few days later?  If you have, you aren’t alone.  People do it all the time.

It could be that someone else talked you out of it when you shared your dream.  I recently met a young man who is autistic.  His communication style is outside the social norm because he enters your personal space immediately and repeats himself until he is sure you have a good understanding of what he’s trying to share.  I’m going to call him Kyle out of respect for his privacy.  Kyle is a sweet and open soul and when he decided he wanted to do a You Tube channel, his mother discouraged him.  She didn’t want his feelings hurt and as a mother, I totally understand.  However Kyle was determined so…

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