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Hi everyone, Holy shit….So I just had a very cool experience!!!
This experience is all about the senses and not using eyesight or in the traditonal physical way that is.
I decided to take a nap and my boyfriend decided to join me. After a few minutes I drifted off to sleep and moments later my awareness was awake and thriving, I was fully aware my body was asleep. I decided to just relax and see what happens without fear. I closed my eyes(internally) if that makes sense and I just tried to feel more around me. I felt a sense of calm and the air around me began to change into a liquid form. Before I knew it I felt the warmth of “thick” water all around my”body”. I opened my internal eyes and could see a light shine on the water that bathed me. I began to move…

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Dream Recall



First Catch your Dreams

It may sound obvious, but to dream for fun, you need first to catch and remember your dream. This dream recall is also true for almost anything else to do with dreaming too. If you don’t remember your dream there is not much else to say.

Actually, chasing your dreams can become an exciting end enjoyable pastime in itself. Most people dream on 4 or 5 occasions each night, often during their periods of REM sleep, but few of us remember even one of those thrilling and fun-filled adventures.

It turns out that we can improve our dream capture experiences easily with just a little motivation, some time and a pencil and notebook! It sounds pretty straightforward, but there is a crafty knack to it that takes practice. The benefits of good dream recall are that you get to revel in re-living your fun…

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Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big: 3/11/16

Dream Big, Dream Often

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It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!!

Ok so here are the rules:

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Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and Meet n Greet your butts off!

See ya on Monday!!

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Dreams and Astrology


P1. The meaning of dreaming has been likened to our belief in astrology by dream expert Owen Flanagan in his book Dreaming Souls.

For many centuries, it has been common for people to believe that the position of the stars and planets at the time of our birth affects our personality and even our ultimate fate. So astrologers have refined their arts to use the movements of the planets and stars to predict our lives, careers, love lives, and even our daily encounters.

Similar kinds of things are commonly thought about dreams in that they may be used to predict future calamities or other life changing events.

But the questions are, do the stars and planets influence us in this way or do our dreams influence us in this similar way?

Whatever our viewpoints, I think there is a fundamental difference between dream interpretation and astrology, and that is that…

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Walking the Dream

9th House

“The Art of Dreaming begins with taking a personal inventory; registering the forces within – some of which need to be wrestled with, others loyally trusted. But eventually the dreamer must assume the reins, moving from receiving the dreams she is given, to becoming responsible for her waking life. Wielding the tools she has been awarded in the underworld, she walks the reality she chooses not only for herself, but for its benefits to her earthly community.” –
-Dreamwork with Toko-pa

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Today’s aspect: Moon sextile Neptune: Dreamtime


Moon Neptune dreamAnything’s possible with your imagination. Both Moon and Neptune love water, and water carries emotions and dreams. The sextile from Capricorn Moon to Pisces Neptune lets you ground your dreams. Make them big, make them strong, dream what you want your life to be. “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – a Pisces man once said. Many are surprised the quote comes from Albert Einstein. Even the Theory of Relativity that changed the world is said to have come to him in a dream.

Everything starts as an idea first, a dream, a whisper of reality to come if you dream it so. Today’s a day to make it possible.
If your Moon and/or Neptune are strong in your birth chart, this is especially important. They are strong if on the angles of the chart, or have powerful contacts with each other or other personal planets. To find out where…

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The moon

Daisy in the Willows

After last nights melt down of a post, I finally managed to fall asleep. Thank you moon. The moon is often associated  with our intuition,sleep and dreams. It is also connected with unconscious wishes. It’s the feminine to the masculine sun.

I received many supportive comments from  from She bares all she can bear


It is an new day – a new a dawn – a new life’ Nina Simone.

 So today I want to focus on symbols connected to out emotions and instinct.

Yes, I had a shit day yesterday. The beauty of life is: just  like the moon will always make it’s appearance so shall the sun. Until the Apocalypse of course. 😀  I’m not suggesting that men equal happiness (sunshine) . Some do but so do women.  :D. That’s my equality awareness comment out of the way.

Some see the moon…

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