The moon

Daisy in the willows

After last nights melt down of a post, I finally managed to fall asleep. Thank you moon. The moon is often associated  with our intuition,sleep and dreams. It is also connected with unconscious wishes. It’s the feminine to the masculine sun.

I received many supportive comments from  from She bares all she can bear


It is an new day – a new a dawn – a new life’ Nina Simone.

 So today I want to focus on symbols connected to out emotions and instinct.

Yes, I had a shit day yesterday. The beauty of life is: just  like the moon will always make it’s appearance so shall the sun. Until the Apocalypse of course. 😀  I’m not suggesting that men equal happiness (sunshine) . Some do but so do women.  :D. That’s my equality awareness comment out of the way.

Some see the moon…

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