A Dream

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He smiled as he saw her coming toward him, she too was wearing a wide smile on her face. “Are you stalking me?” She asked. “Yess, till you reach home safe” he answered. “I’m glad to know such stalker” She felt safe in an unsafe city.

And their time escaping conversation started with this. The time was rushing but for them the clocks freezed. Laughs and their gossip isolated them from the world. The one who was reserved was eager to talk & listen . He loved to pour out his heart to her. That warm chocolate pastry never ever felt so delicious before. As the time passed by, a call brought them back from the isolation from the world.

“Yes, I’m on my way, facing heavy traffic” she recieved the call

They were back to their mundane world. Finishing her last bite of pastry she talked about the hectic…

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