Nightmares -My Experiences in Dreaming With Generalized Anxiety (pt.1)


Waking up in the morning is probably one of the most difficult tasks I’m forced to face, and it’s something I must deal with everyday. I find myself waking up incredibly exhausted, often times more tired and fatigued than I was before my slumber. The tiny sliver of daylight shining through my bedroom window is almost blinding, adding to my nausea, much like a hangover.

I have nightmares every night, with the exception of one or two nights a month, where I either dont remember my dream, or I just don’t remember enough of it to consider it a true nightmare. I’ve actually been wondering lately if my nightmares are the cause of my absence of energy in the mornings, with my extreme anxiety continuously draining me mentally and physically throughout the day.

My nightmares are always frighteningly vivid. I can no longer tell the difference between my dreamworld and…

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