Dreaming Crazy Big!


IMG_414459339878Dreaming is not always easy especially as we get older and have experienced dreams crashing around us..But dreaming is a necessary part of life; it is hope come to life in our minds.  So dreaming is good, whether it is day dreaming or sleep dreaming.  Day dreaming can lead to productivity while sleep dreaming can be those unspoken parts of us that are straining to be recognized.

Too many times, our perception of our money relationship holds us back from really dreaming big, and dreaming big is oh so important.  We are born limitless, we are taught to put limits upon our dreams for too many reasons.  So learning to dream big is an important  piece of our self-revelation journey.  And what we dream is our way of letting the Universe know what we truly desire.   Only we can dream our dreams and make them become as big as they…

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