What happens when you dream at night?


This may sound strange, or a little odd, but I want to know what happens when you dream? Almost every night, I remember my dreams. When I was little and even now, my dreams help me write. How you wonder? Because I remember the plots, images, and feeling of my dreams. I’ve noticed my mind has a tendency to dream about whatever I read or watched the last hour before going to sleep.

For example, last night, I was reading stories about demonic possession (strange, I know). Therefore, guess what I dreamed about, demonic possession. Since I’m a fan of horror movies, this came as no surprise to me. In my dream, three entities were trying to get me. The curious thing is one of those entities has been in my dreams before. It’s hard to say whether it’s truly my mind or something else. For the point of this post, let’s…

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