May 1, 2016 | Dream Journal | A Very Sexual Suggestive (Risqué) 1980s Film

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File:1980s Madonna style.jpg Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I did not voice record my dreams and I had several detailed dreams, but unfortunately I forgot most of them and can only barely remember part of several dreams at this time which I will quickly type without bothering to cover all the details.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved me watching an old unknown fictional film from the 1980s that I either found or was already playing when I walked into the room or someone brought for me to watch et cetera but I can not remember, the film took place inside a dimly lit windowless one-story house with brown carpet and walls et cetera, and all the people living inside the house had white skin.

Living in this house was an attractive woman with long yellow hair, several possibly underage sisters of different ages with yellow hair…

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