SHE…. ❤



He dreamed of her.. the most beautiful woman on earth. Maybe for him but She is  something for who he can’t stop thinking of. She was like an angel; her skin was like milk; her eyes were mysterious but yet alluring. She was Pulchritudinous. He wanted to touch her, but She walked just out of his reach. In the night, he saw her.. but not in a dream this night. She walked beside him, yet seemed to ignore his presence. He wanted to hold her, but She walked just out of his reach. His eyes explored every part of her.. standing stagnant. She remained silent.

Each night She walked beside him and each night She’d disappear without a word spoken. “I want to Love You”, he begged. She didn’t respond. He needed her. He begged to hold her, love her. She walked away.

Deep in the night, her presence awakened…

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