The TWINKLE in the Orginal…

Cobus Vermeulen AUTHOR


It’s Part of the HUMAN Condition,

We’re not Always too Sure of what to Do OR how others would take what we Do.

EITHER you do what You know OR Conform to what the Rest believe We should…

It’s not the Easiest of things;

Taking that LEAP and not Ever really Sure how Everyone would Take what YOU, Me Or THEM let loose on the World at large…

If what I’d heard is true,

At some point, Someone asked Michael Bay if he’d liked to Gamble –

He responded to this;

“I gamble with 250 Million Dollar Movies…”

Our Dreams, Passions or Desires might not Make for Such huge Proportions,

BUT, then it’s what YOU have the right to do.

As well, We’re all Totally UNIQUE and that’s Brilliant.

Everyone of Us can Improve on what we do,

It all Depend on what We’re doing and IF it comes down…

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