Mask Dreams: Unmasked

Nadette Rae Rodgers

Masks play a big role in my new book, Illusion, so I thought I’d blog about that today. There is a dance the main character goes to at her high school and it ends up being masquerade themed. The antagonist is constantly wearing a mask or has his face shaded by a hoodie. The main character is pictured on the cover in a mask herself because she feels she has to hide her crazy dreams from the people around her.

So, what does it mean to dream of a mask?

Well, in general, seeing a mask in your dreams means that there is something in your life you feel you need to hide. Or that you are trying to be someone you’re not.

Say you are talking to a friend and you happen to be wearing a mask. That should clue you in that whoever you are talking to…

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Seeking Dreams

Amy's Weird and Wonderful Dreams

I seem to have had dreams where people are looking or searching for something.  I cannot precisely remember all the details as I slept for most of the day.  Sometimes, when my body has a lot of pain I get overly tired, especially if the day before it kept me awake too long.  My pain is that bad that I could be considered disabled, yet some people don’t want to believe I have it.  I sometimes think people are being convinced by some sort of spirit not to believe me or give me a hard time.  That’s when I wish I could pray whatever it is away, but as the Bible mentions wandering spirits liking to return–I assume that’s what it is.  One of those that likes to come back and provoke people, believe me, I have tried praying or telling them to go back to the devil, but…

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Dream Fields: Dem Boots

Being Bold

Don’t try on other people’s shoes – unless  you’re prepared to walk the mile in them. Other people’s sugar is not for you,

Cleanse cleanse cleanse. Or at least know the name of the beholder. Especially if it’s a pair of iron shoes. In fact, if you find such a pair then don’t go near them. And at  least determine what kind of shoe it is – for you first. A glass slipper is not the same as a red shoe.

Cherry Pisces shoe.png

My draconic rising is Pisces.

I had a dream a while back where I tried on a pair of shoes off the rack. It was dark, an empty street but open, as if a shopping fareway and there were other people around but I could not see them, just hear quiet bustle. The trainers don’t fit – even though they looked as though they would, when I put one…

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About that Novel I started in 10th Grade…

Not so Normal Totally Ordinary

Going back a little to my previous post, Losing My Resolution, I decided to get down to business this weekend when I visited home. The reasons behind my cleaning may or may not have been due to a little accident (ok, HUGE accident) my poor ancient cat had under the bed, but the fact is that I started to clean my little but over-stuffed room at home.

Treasures galore were under the bed! I knew about a few things that were there but a couple of surprises were there too! Finally found my sparkly headbands from back when I used to play ball, found the book of ads that my freshmen roommates and I had taped up to the walls of our dorm, and the biggest find of them all (besides the box full of my hard work in AP Physics)…the novel I started in high school!!!!!!!!

It’s almost…

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