About that Novel I started in 10th Grade…

Not so Normal Totally Ordinary

Going back a little to my previous post, Losing My Resolution, I decided to get down to business this weekend when I visited home. The reasons behind my cleaning may or may not have been due to a little accident (ok, HUGE accident) my poor ancient cat had under the bed, but the fact is that I started to clean my little but over-stuffed room at home.

Treasures galore were under the bed! I knew about a few things that were there but a couple of surprises were there too! Finally found my sparkly headbands from back when I used to play ball, found the book of ads that my freshmen roommates and I had taped up to the walls of our dorm, and the biggest find of them all (besides the box full of my hard work in AP Physics)…the novel I started in high school!!!!!!!!

It’s almost…

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