Dream Fields: Dem Boots

Being Bold

Don’t try on other people’s shoes – unless  you’re prepared to walk the mile in them. Other people’s sugar is not for you,

Cleanse cleanse cleanse. Or at least know the name of the beholder. Especially if it’s a pair of iron shoes. In fact, if you find such a pair then don’t go near them. And at  least determine what kind of shoe it is – for you first. A glass slipper is not the same as a red shoe.

Cherry Pisces shoe.png

My draconic rising is Pisces.

I had a dream a while back where I tried on a pair of shoes off the rack. It was dark, an empty street but open, as if a shopping fareway and there were other people around but I could not see them, just hear quiet bustle. The trainers don’t fit – even though they looked as though they would, when I put one…

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