Jung, Dreams and the Inner Life

Emerging From The Dark Night


After watching an interview with Carl Jung, linked via a post on The Hunt for Truth’s blog yesterday :  https://hunt4truth.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/man-cannot-stand-a-meaningless-life,  I have been thinking a great deal about him and his influence on my life. I have felt a deep affinity with Jung his views and ideas for a very long time.

When I travelled to England in my early 20s I was given his book Memories Dreams and Reflections by my boyfriend at the time.  I was intrigued by his intake on synchronicity, the compassion and depth of insight he showed in his early work with schizophrenics in his first job as a psychiatrist and also with the fact that he was so interested in nature, symbolism and most especially astrology which from the age of 14 had been one of my most passionate interests.

My interest in and love for Jung grew more when I learned in early sobriety of the part he played…

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Dare to dream.

Andyology Blog

Dare to dream.

In this realm you have to dare to dream, let you be guided by your heart and let your imagination show you the reality you want to create. No dream is too big or too small. If you want it you will get it. 12 years ago on this day i embrarked on a wonderful experience which many thought impossible but i made it. Now it’s time to close the chapter and open a new one. Much bigger much greater with much more purpose and drive. It’s about growing and serving humanity with love. With me it’s always a love story.

Being a cardiologist i am always fascinated by the heart. After mastering the physiology and pathology of the heart, i’m set to conquer the emotional part and spread my words worldwide. I won’t stop till that best seller is out.

Let’s all embark on this journey.

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Of tiger claws and wolves’ teeth



Am fighting the lustful demons on my way
Trying to scratch the sky with tiger claws
Hoping it might bring me heaven
But I come to understand that life doesn’t come with roses on golden saucer.
I could dig deep into my heart
Just to clip that one un-promising heartbeat
To keep my veins pumping
’cause I can’t swim through the magma
To quench the hunger of my soul.

Am enraged with wolves’ anger,
Greased in lion’s hunger
But I can’t build a mountain from ant-hills
I won’t need an army of hunters
Just to catch a wish.
Send me to the wolves
With tiger claws on my knuckles
And I’ll come back howling at the moon,
With a pack of wolves and hungry tigers behind me.
Am just fishing for heartbeats from your smile
To show me the way through the dreamworld.
©Teddy Temple2016

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Dreams of Ancient Egypt – August 15, 2016

Dreams, Thoughts, and Memories

goddess isis

One of my first dreams about Ancient Egypt involved the goddess Isis having a love affair with another Egyptian goddess. I didn’t recognize the second goddess, although it could have been Ma’at. But what was interesting is that Isis became pregnant with a son from this affair.

Then there was a dream that seemed related to Astrology. I remember being told that not only do the planets each have a deity ruling over them, but so does the solar system, the Galaxy, and so on. And there was this very brief flash of Ancient Egyptian deity depictions in the dream. I do not remember being shown or told who presided over what, other than there was a hierarchy for each “grouping” of celestial bodies.

Last night, I remember the “current Pharaoh” showing me the sarcophagus of his predecessor. I got on hands and knees, worshiping the predecessor as a god…

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Writing Challenge Ideas

Still Another Writer's Blog

Seeing that writing challenges are quite popular among the writers here on WordPress, the following thought occurred to me: why not have a writing challenge about developing a writing challenge?

So, here is what I ask: reblog this post on your blog, and add your three best suggestions for a writing challenge.  From the list we collectively build (and based on “likes” to reblogs) we will offer a series of writing challenges we can all do together.  (Keep the challenge idea SHORT.  One or at most two sentences.)  We will keep deadlines short (maybe a week) so that we can keep the process fresh.

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