More Games?


It seems like my dreams these past couple weeks have just been games, games and more games. Two nights ago I had a dream that was the beginning stages of a game. It reminded me again, of hunger games. Get on a train, it turns from summer to winter during the train ride. Get to this random building. Get pulled into ‘homes’ with two other girls. Game show literally got started, I went through a few phases and them boom. I woke up. So while it was still my normal crazy, vivid dream, I didn’t finish it. So I couldn’t put it on here.

BUT. Then last nights dream happened. It’s another ‘game like’ dream, but not a game SHOW. It’s more like an actual video game. So here we go.


I’m standing in line, there’s about 30 people in front of me and about 10 standing behind. Across…

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