Dreams of Ancient Egypt – August 15, 2016

Dreams, Thoughts, and Memories

goddess isis

One of my first dreams about Ancient Egypt involved the goddess Isis having a love affair with another Egyptian goddess. I didn’t recognize the second goddess, although it could have been Ma’at. But what was interesting is that Isis became pregnant with a son from this affair.

Then there was a dream that seemed related to Astrology. I remember being told that not only do the planets each have a deity ruling over them, but so does the solar system, the Galaxy, and so on. And there was this very brief flash of Ancient Egyptian deity depictions in the dream. I do not remember being shown or told who presided over what, other than there was a hierarchy for each “grouping” of celestial bodies.

Last night, I remember the “current Pharaoh” showing me the sarcophagus of his predecessor. I got on hands and knees, worshiping the predecessor as a god…

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