Jung, Dreams and the Inner Life

Emerging From The Dark Night


After watching an interview with Carl Jung, linked via a post on The Hunt for Truth’s blog yesterday :  https://hunt4truth.wordpress.com/2016/08/23/man-cannot-stand-a-meaningless-life,  I have been thinking a great deal about him and his influence on my life. I have felt a deep affinity with Jung his views and ideas for a very long time.

When I travelled to England in my early 20s I was given his book Memories Dreams and Reflections by my boyfriend at the time.  I was intrigued by his intake on synchronicity, the compassion and depth of insight he showed in his early work with schizophrenics in his first job as a psychiatrist and also with the fact that he was so interested in nature, symbolism and most especially astrology which from the age of 14 had been one of my most passionate interests.

My interest in and love for Jung grew more when I learned in early sobriety of the part he played…

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