Of tiger claws and wolves’ teeth



Am fighting the lustful demons on my way
Trying to scratch the sky with tiger claws
Hoping it might bring me heaven
But I come to understand that life doesn’t come with roses on golden saucer.
I could dig deep into my heart
Just to clip that one un-promising heartbeat
To keep my veins pumping
’cause I can’t swim through the magma
To quench the hunger of my soul.

Am enraged with wolves’ anger,
Greased in lion’s hunger
But I can’t build a mountain from ant-hills
I won’t need an army of hunters
Just to catch a wish.
Send me to the wolves
With tiger claws on my knuckles
And I’ll come back howling at the moon,
With a pack of wolves and hungry tigers behind me.
Am just fishing for heartbeats from your smile
To show me the way through the dreamworld.
©Teddy Temple2016

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