How to Lucid Dream – Yes, even you can do it


 How I experienced my first Lucid dream, and yes you can do it too!



Back when I was 18, a of mine friend kept insisting I watch Waking Life, a film by Richard Linklate. Thank the universe she did because it immediately became one of my favorite movies. Waking Life introduced me to the concept of lucid dreaming.

I have always been consumed with my dreams. They have been immensely vivid since I was a toddler. It’s been both a blessing and a curse.  While many are fascinating, many more have been terrifying.  I’ve gone through this cycle since I can remember. A few months of good dreams and then a few months of nightmares.  As I’ve gotten older they have only intensified.  Most days I wake up exhausted from my dreams.  Sometimes it will take me hours to come back to complete reality. Naturally, because they have been such a prominent part of my…

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