Dreams Review

Georgia Goes Global

There was an interview on RNZ that caught my attention.  Auckland composer Claire Cowan talked about the group she’d founded, Blackbird Ensemble and their upcoming show ‘Dreams’ at the Auckland Cabaret Festival.  Along with some of the Ensemble members, Claire explained what Cabaret actually was (which I’d always envisioned as something in-between burlesque and drag) as more of a ‘Switzerland’ of artistic styles.

While Blackbird Ensemble normally has a rotating cast of up to 25 people, ‘Dreams’ was a smaller production created by just 9 musicians, and more of a collaborative, band feel.  The show’s description promised an exploration of music ‘inspired by our subconscious minds, dream states, nightmares, lullabies and rituals of the bedroom.’  It sounded like something cool to say I’d done on the weekend, so, I did the sensible thing and got free reviewers tickets (thanks Craccum).

I’d never been to a Cabaret before, and I know…

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