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Through the Peacock's Eyes

flymetothemoonI had an interesting dream last night, that left me feeling grounded and peaceful. It was another of my “house” dream series, where I return to my old home. You can read many previous entries in my posts Butterfly Journal: GratitudeTime Machine Blogging Challenge: Traversing the Timelessness of the Dreamworld, and Butterfly Journal: Self-Reflection. In summary, most of those dreams had the themes of me going back and packing more, cleaning, seeing it empty, not selling or buying it back, or just curious to check on the house and see the changes. In Butterfly Journal: Gratitude, I wrapped up with a feeling of being home sweet home:

As I’ve mentioned before, a house or home symbol in dreams often symbolizes the psyche, and for me the psyche is where I have been doing much, much cleaning, clearing, and healing. As challenging as things had been, especially…

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Kone, Krusos, Kronos

 Waterhouse's Psyche opening the door of Cupid's garden

On that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth,

and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.

Genesis 7. 11

On Archetypes Myth, and Dreams Analogy

“The archetypes to be discovered and assimilated are precisely those that have inspired, throughout the annals of human culture, the basic images of ritual, mythology, and vision. These “Eternal Ones of the Dream” are not to be confused with the personally modified symbolic figures that appear in nightmare and madness to the still tormented individual.

Dream is the personalized myth, myth the depersonalized dream; both myth and dream are symbolic in the same general way of the dynamic of the psyche. But in the dream the forms are quirked by the peculiar troubles of the dreamer, whereas in myth the problems and solutions sown are directly valid for all mankind.”

Joseph Campbell

I pretty much agree with Joseph Campbell statement…

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Dream: The Drowning Wife Who Was Dressed Like the Statue of Liberty


The Judgement is not as you suppose — it happens at various intervals all the time…

Dream Date:  November 27, 2016
Dream Time: between 12 and 6 am
Astrological Notes at approximately 6 am:
Jupiter in Libra in the 11th House of Groups;
Lilith and the Moon in a 12th house Scorpionic placement….hmmmm;
The Ever Devoted Vesta in Leo in the 9th House of Religious Tradition;
The Father Sun, Juno the Wife, Mercury the Communicator, Parts of Fortune and Saturn (Father Time) are all forming a stellium in the First House in Sagittarius.
Vertex in Cancer in the 8th House of Death

You Have Been Charged!

I was in a great hall like an amphitheater, but it was inside a large complex of buildings like a University Campus.  I believe it was one of the Inner Schools.

A woman was very distressed because she was going to be thrown into…

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Dream #11 – Ruins

A Child Called Xin

I am kneeling.

On one knee.

Looking down.

Thinking about what I see, what I feel, and what I know.

The substance is a sandy blue composite. I take a few grains and rub them between my right thumb and forefinger, watching the dust fall to the floor to rejoin at origin. My left arm holding me steady, I flex a few things a little to check I’m still there.

Gravity, the unseen force, enigmatically pushing us down. We are grounded to our earthen platform to dwell and wander aimlessly amidst what little remains of this world. We are taught to be happy with this. Contented with our lot. But I was not made for this world, only. I lust for the freedom of the stars and the beauty of the cosmos. To awe at the unfathomable depths of the Universe. For that is what Master Tupo said was out…

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Dream #1,281

Sowing Dreams

Dreamt that the workshop leader was teaching us how to use the “dark arts”. It sounded very nefarious, but really she was teaching us about balancing positive and negative energy. The first exercise involved us channeling positive energy into one hand while simultaneously channeling negative energy into the other. I was very skeptical, but worked on the exercise anyway.

Suddenly, my hands pulled together. I pulled them apart, wondering if I’d somehow unconsciously convinced myself that the exercise was working. I did it again and this time my snapped together with some force and I had a lot of trouble pulling them apart.

“Jeremy how is it going?” the instructor asked.

“I think I got it!”

“Not likely,” she responded, “It usually takes days of concentrated effort for the exercise to work. Let’s see what your doing.” The whole class had stopped to watch by this point.

I held my…

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Connecting the Dots ~ Unity Consciousness

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Sometimes the Universe works in remarkable ways, as it leads us through our experiences here upon this amazing planet. And sometimes we can be incredibly blind as the Signs present themselves ever more within our vision..

I see this time as a great opportunity to reach out to one another.. Instead we are constantly being brainwashed as to our separateness and differences.. Be it through religion or the borders separating countries, to the colour of our skin.

Basically we are taught to fear each other and distrust our neighbours we lock our doors behind us automatically… Shutting ourselves in and others out, in our own narrow little boxes.

While I was out walking the other day, heads were buried in their mobile devices, and I wondered did they ‘See’ the beauty which surrounded them. and what did they miss along the way! And I also wondered what would happen if…

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Super Moons Bring Super Dreams: The #COMA


This is a quickie that might be of some meaning to someone…

Dream Details

Date:  11/13/2016

Approximate Time:  4:00 am EST

Notable Astrology:  Waxing Super Moon; 
Sidereal Sun in Libra; 2nd and 7th house 
stelliums; and Aries in the 8th house


  1. Even though I clearly heard what this woman said, it was just a dream.
  2. I do not know if there is a prison hospital in Wake Forest, NC.
  3. I do not know if there is any such place in Wake Forest, NC.
  4. I have not researched any possibly true details.
  5. This is a DREAM that I had and in my dreams, bits and pieces may resonate and usually come from a variety of lives, to include my own!

I See A Woman’s Life

I am an observer that others cannot see; a spirit; a ghost.  I am inside the home of a white, lower-middle class family and there…

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