Dream #11 – Ruins

A Child Called Xin

I am kneeling.

On one knee.

Looking down.

Thinking about what I see, what I feel, and what I know.

The substance is a sandy blue composite. I take a few grains and rub them between my right thumb and forefinger, watching the dust fall to the floor to rejoin at origin. My left arm holding me steady, I flex a few things a little to check I’m still there.

Gravity, the unseen force, enigmatically pushing us down. We are grounded to our earthen platform to dwell and wander aimlessly amidst what little remains of this world. We are taught to be happy with this. Contented with our lot. But I was not made for this world, only. I lust for the freedom of the stars and the beauty of the cosmos. To awe at the unfathomable depths of the Universe. For that is what Master Tupo said was out…

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