Dream #1,281

Sowing Dreams

Dreamt that the workshop leader was teaching us how to use the “dark arts”. It sounded very nefarious, but really she was teaching us about balancing positive and negative energy. The first exercise involved us channeling positive energy into one hand while simultaneously channeling negative energy into the other. I was very skeptical, but worked on the exercise anyway.

Suddenly, my hands pulled together. I pulled them apart, wondering if I’d somehow unconsciously convinced myself that the exercise was working. I did it again and this time my snapped together with some force and I had a lot of trouble pulling them apart.

“Jeremy how is it going?” the instructor asked.

“I think I got it!”

“Not likely,” she responded, “It usually takes days of concentrated effort for the exercise to work. Let’s see what your doing.” The whole class had stopped to watch by this point.

I held my…

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