Dream: The Drowning Wife Who Was Dressed Like the Statue of Liberty

Diamonds & Pearls

The Judgement is not as you suppose — it happens at various intervals all the time…

Dream Date:  November 27, 2016
Dream Time: between 12 and 6 am
Astrological Notes at approximately 6 am:
Jupiter in Libra in the 11th House of Groups;
Lilith and the Moon in a 12th house Scorpionic placement….hmmmm;
The Ever Devoted Vesta in Leo in the 9th House of Religious Tradition;
The Father Sun, Juno the Wife, Mercury the Communicator, Parts of Fortune and Saturn (Father Time) are all forming a stellium in the First House in Sagittarius.
Vertex in Cancer in the 8th House of Death

You Have Been Charged!

I was in a great hall like an amphitheater, but it was inside a large complex of buildings like a University Campus.  I believe it was one of the Inner Schools.

A woman was very distressed because she was going to be thrown into…

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