Experiment: The Art Of Lucid Dreaming & How I’m Going To Do It🌛✨


Hey you! So I know, I haven’t written my personal blog in a while…

And at first I felt a tad ‘bad’ about it. But not anymore.

Why haven’t I blogged? I could reel off a list like — ‘I’ve had no ideas’, which is a lie, I’ve had tons… ‘I haven’t had the time’, another lie, I always make time for myself and wake up early… ‘I’m being too self-critical’, that ones got some truth to it, but it’s something I work on everyday…

The real reason is this – I’ve been dreaming… (the kind you do in your sleep).

I’ve always been excited to fall asleep at night just so I can watch whatever movie my mind plays out to me. But lately I’ve grown an even bigger obsession with dreaming.

In particular, lucid dreaming — the art of becoming conscious within your dreams.

You’ll know you’re having a…

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