Lucid Dream Science

Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming is a natural occurring, biological reaction when someone falls asleep and occurs during REM sleep. But if you think about it, dreaming is amazing. It is a chance for us to escape reality and experience anything in our fantasy. Your dreams are personal to you and are influenced by your personality, traits, and likes and dislikes. A persons dreams reflect the very core of subconsciousness, and you will never understand someone completely, unless you could take a look inside one of their dreams. But why do dreams occur? What frequencies dictate our sleep and dream states? And what makes a Lucid Dream possible?

Our brain works by sending electrical impulses back and forth throughout our body. These impulses and like messages and hold information that our brain can interpret and relay. During sleep, our brains are more relaxed and the impulses are lessened. But during dreams, we activate these…

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