Sleeping with the Enemy: Mom’s N-24

Sigh. I am the “poster child” for this.

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How N-24 affects the rest of us
With a special take on the topic from Guest Blogger TinkerToy

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
from the Comorbidities and Sleep & Sleep Disorders Series

“When you hear hoof-beats,
think horses not Zebras”

Most doctors are repeatedly exposed to that little ditty from their earliest days in Med School, encouraging them to always consider the simplest explanations first.

It’s not bad advice for many of the disorders and diseases they’ll come across in the patients who will walk through their office doors seeking diagnosis and treatment.

It just turns out to be exactly wrong when it comes to recognizing chronorhythm disorders – disorders of sleep TIMING.

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November 24th is N24 Awareness Day

As explained in last weeks post, N-24 Awareness Day is almost upon us:

N24 Awareness Day was first organized in…

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5 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Enemy: Mom’s N-24

  1. You are an angel to help spread the word about N24 and other sleep timing disorders. As I said on my comment on the notification on my blog, we will have to share the dubious honor of being the poster kids of N24, however.

    PS. I left you a longer comment on the original article on my blog and on your “stillanotherwritersblog” reblog – and thank you muchly for BOTH.

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